Welcome! I have started this online journal in the hopes of satisfying 2 goals; One, an outlet for creative expression, whatever may come of it. And two, an online freelance writing portfolio. I have promised myself to put down as much as I can - and here it will be.

I might have a poem or story to share, I might need to vent away on a particular subject or I may have just discovered the meaning of life. Who knows? Some will be serious, some light, some pointless and silly. Some will be writing just to write. But, hopefully each day I can be inspired by something going on. Most entries will be a little of this, a little of that. And most likely, they will not be continuous from day to day, unless I am working on a longer story that I want to break up into daily snibbles.

Like I said, anything and everything in this mind of mine, for good or for bad. It will all end up on here sooner or later!

I would honor your opinions of my endeavor and the pieces that arrive here. Feedback is crucial to my success! If you have any constructive criticism, just want to say you like/don't like, or that it affected you in some way...that would be fine. Quite nice, in fact.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Wow, have I been MIA for some time...  I have many stories coming, a few reviews and some product plugs of things I just can't live without. I have also been thinking alot about marriage, divorce, commitment - and would like to say a few words on the subject...call it a rant!  So, keep checking...in a few days I will be back, I promise!  I have so many goals, resolutions, projects for 2009 and I want to share them all.  

In the mean time, check out what else I have been up to...on my other blogs!  

I am also working on a super secret project - that will stay somewhat secret after the reveal, so check back for more!  It's not a huge deal, but it will help out my sanity a great deal.  

See ya soon!